The Sure Things

The Sure Things work hard for their audience. When you see their name scrawled on the chalkboard outside your local watering hole, step inside cause it'll be the night of your life.

Over a few pints in a Toronto bar, this rag-tag bunch discovered a shared love of old-fashioned country music. The Sure Things were born with a simple philosophy: have a good time and the crowd will come with you. Over the years this approach has yielded two albums of dirtbag country, too many gigs to count nation-wide and a loyal fanbase that'll stick around 'til last call.

The road's been paved with hard work for The Sure Things. Whether recording, producing and self-financing both of their albums or hosting weekly residencies in Toronto's finest venues, including The Dakota Tavern and The Cameron House, their effort has been relentless. They have booked their own cross-Canada tours – hitting the road for months at a time – heating up barrooms and stomping on sawdust in every joint they can find from Halifax to Victoria.

The Sure Things have played ballads to bikers in Regina, inspired sing-alongs at random house parties and got the old folks' home dancing in Moose Jaw. People say Toronto audiences are tough to get moving, but we're talking about a crew who can inspire an Eastern Ontario great grandma to pole dance with her great granddaughter – true story – so you'd better believe they can get a crowd of city-slickers to shake their notoriously tight asses.

The solid musicianship of The Sure Things results from tireless gigging, but interacting with the crowds always keeps it fresh. The folks holding up their beers, dancing up a storm and shouting back the lyrics make every night new. It's enough to make any boozecan, town hall, or hipster bar feel like a Grand Ole Opry.

The Sure Things are a band that whip crowds into frenzy, electrify your two-step, and make your troubles disappear quicker than a swig of moonshine. This ain't no ironic, faddish indie band, it's a sure thing.